Yardage Pro Laser Rangefinder

So you improved your golf club distance but now you need to know how far away your target is so you can choose the right club.   Golf laser range finders are the best tool for this and none has had better customer reviews than the Bushnell Pro 1600. This is the only Bushnell laser range finder, in fact the only in the world, that adjusts for elevation. When was the last time you golfed on a course that was completely flat?

A step up from the 1500 Pinseeker, the new 1600 adjusts for elevation and then not only tells you how far your target is from you but how far you need to play the ball to adjust for the incline. And it has a 7 times magnification for exact targeting. How great is that?

Here are some of the pro and cons about the Bushnell Pro 1600 Tournament Edition Laser Rangefinder with Pinseeker. I gleaned these from actual customer reviews of the product, not the manufacturer’s promotions:



– A lot easier to use than a GPS and more accurate
-Completely water proof
– Can read the flag itself
-Can read the group ahead to make sure they’re out of range
-Magnification feature allows you to focus on small targets like flags exactly
-Works on any course
-Since this model does not technically compute slope(it only adjusts for it) it is legal on most courses and tournaments
-Use a standard 9 volt battery

Cons :

-Battery door will fall open if not secure
-Unit is difficult to write on, resists markers and such
– Too bulky to carry on you, will need to stow in bag or cart while playing

All in all, I found this new laser range finder to be one of the best reviewed golfing accessories I’ve read about.