Why Controlled Distance Matters More Than Just Distance

Going beyond the obvious reasons why golf club distance matters: the less strokes you take the better your score is, there are still some duffers that think more distance, even out of control distance, is better than landing a few yards short but more on target. I assume their school of thought is that closer to the pin is always better.

 First off, let me say that you can have both distance and accuracy with the right swing. What I want to focus on on this page is why accuracy is more important. And the more accurate you become with your swing the farther you’ll hit the ball in the end anyway. Golf is a sport about technique and replacing bad technique with good technique usually comes with a short period of adjustment when you’re giving something else up, in this case a little distance. But that period is very short when you’re learning the right technique.

The object of the sport of golf is too simply take the shortest route to the hole as possible and with the least amount of strokes. Being able to drive the ball 400 yards only to flounder once you’re near the green does not add up to a low score. Get accurate in your drives and your iron play and your putting game will almost (I did say almost) take car of itself. 

I believe that controlling your long distance accuracy is easier to learn than making a 30 ft putt. Wouldn’t you rather just land the ball within ten feet of the hole, and only need to learn how to make a ten foot putt? I know I would. This is game of accuracy more than a game of distance, but the same techniques that you need to learn to be accurate are the ones that will also give you the distance you need. It’s all about the target.

On every stroke you have a target. To reach that target there’s a perfect swing that will get you there. I had always been able to hit the ball in a straight line but once I learned how to get both distance and accuracy from my swing, golfing became a completely different sport to me. It went from being a game of yards to a game of feet. Let’s be honest, most of us are estatic if we can land a ball within  15 yards of our target especially on distance over 150 yards. Wouldn’t you like to knock that down to 15 feet?

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