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The question comes up if one should use additional Hybrid golf clubs to close the distance gaps. Most golfers upon reaching their max distance using Hybrid clubs find they now have gap in their distances that would typically be over come by choking down their grip on the longer distance club, rather than trying to force more distance out of the shorter distance one. If you’re using a Hybrid 4  and a traditional 5 iron, you find there is a distance in between the two clubs that might best be filled with the addition of a Hybrid 5. Don’t spend your money on that hybrid club just yet.

Since hybrid clubs have more loft than a standard iron, the addition of more hybrids into your bag should in theory allow you to cover more distance since by it nature the hybrid golf club distance is greater than your old irons. Or is it? Typically golfers replace their longer irons with Hybrids in the first place because they can’t hit them consistently for distance. Since they don’t get the correct swing speed the golf club distances they get also come up short.

Rather than buy a bunch of hybrid clubs to solve your distance issues, wouldn’t it be better if you could instead learn how to get the most distance from the clubs you already have? I have nothing against Hybrid golf clubs, but when it comes to golf club distance issues I think it’s better to fix your swing speed problem first before investing time and money into hybrid clubs. I was about to sink a bunch of money into hybrids myself before I discovered how to get the most distance from my standard clubs.

So I’m saying don’t buy Hybrids to replace your longer irons until you’ve first gotten all the distance you can out of those. You may find, like I did, that you don’t need the Hybrids at all.  Most golfers will find that they lack the correct balance, leverage, hip movement and target focus to get the most distance form their golf clubs, all of these issue can be overcome with some very simple training. By fixing all of these issues one by one you will find that you’re suddenly getting undreamed of speed in your swing that translates into more golf club distance.

Here’s a Hybrid Golf Club Distance Chart .

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