Improve Your Golf Game For Only $13.50

Golf Between The Ears

I normally ignore launches of new golf improvement products. The plain facts are that the Break 80 course that you read about on this site just plain works and I’ve never had a refund request for it.

However, when I was offered a chance to offer a new course to improve your game for only $13.50 I could not pass that up.

This course: Play Golf Between The Ears normally sells for $27.00. During the special sale starting on March 10th you will be able to get it for half price: $13.50

I have 2 links for you. The first is to check out the course. The 2nd link is to get the special half off price.

Click here to check out the course

Click here to get it at half price

Here’s the deal. I recently received a free copy of this course. Here’s my review of Play Golf: Between The Ears.

The course consists of a PDF and two extensive interviews; a 46 min. video with Steve Surry and a 42 min. video with Scott Drummond. On the surface that doesn’t sound like much of a course but let me tell you what this course will do for you.

  • You’ll eliminate your fear of failure
  • You’ll relax and enjoy the game
  • you’ll be patient on the golf course
  • your golf game absolutely will improve
  • you’ll stop over thinking every shot
  • you’ll eliminate distractions that hurt your game
  • you’ll play your best golf game consistently
  • you’ll regularly improve your game

The Cons:
This course is all about improving your mental game. You’re not going to learn the perfect golf swing or the perfect putting technique, but the mental game is where most golfers fail to achieve being the best they can be.

==>Click here to get it at half price==<

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