Hybrid Golf Club Distance Chart

Many people have come here searching for a golf club distance chart for Hybrids. I’ve been reluctant to put one up because of the variations in club head design and loft angles between manufacturers but here goes:

Assuming you’re a normal player with average skills whose distance with your other clubs matches this golf club distance chart, your hybrid distances should be close to these:

Club Used Yards -Men Yards -Women
# 2 Hybrid 195 – 205 160 – 170
# 3 Hybrid 185 -190 150 – 155
#4 Hybrid 180 -185 145 – 150
# 5 Hybrid 165 – 170 130 – 135

Now with all that being said, again I caution you as I have in other posts from spending money on Hybrid clubs as an answer to all your distance issues. If your technique is not all it should be, the use of hybrids will add some yardage but you’re still not going to get the most from your clubs in general as you could if you fixed your swing.

Fixing your swing so that you are getting the most club head speed possible is also a lot cheaper than buying a couple of new hybrids. I still maintain that maximum distance can be acheived with a standard set of clubs if you just take the time to fix your swing.

Here’s a rational for technique over clubs. Let’s say Tiger Woods stops by your local country club with his bag full of clubs, probably the best clubs money can buy, and challenges your Pro to a match. Who would win? OK, no brainer, so let’s make it a little more interesting: Tiger agrees to let the local Golf Pro use his clubs and Woods says that all he’s going to use is a wood, a #5 iron, 1 wedge and a putter from a set of rental clubs. Ok who would win now? Yeah still Tiger! Anyone not agree?

So my point is that you know deep down that your golf skill is more important than the clubs you use. So why not spend a little bit on improving your swing technique instead of a lot on some new clubs? Take this course, How To Break 80 for a 60 day test drive. It has full 60 day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied and you can use the refund, that you’re really not going to want, towards a new hybrid club.