Increase Your Golf Club Distances With Balance

This post was written by Scott
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In a previous post I stressed that increase club speed equaled increased distance. One of the secrets to getting good speed in your swing without any extra effort is the art of properly  positioning your bodyweight to get the most club speed in your golf swing.

Most golfers place their body in a position where they shift their weight for what they think is more power in their swing by putting the weight behind the golf club, but in reality takes power away from their swing and costs them distance. The key to getting the golf club distance is in the club head speed, not the power behind it.

Most golfers make the mistake of having their weight too far forward, actually over their toes. This creates an unbalance in your body and the axis that you swing your golf club through is at an angle. This is not the best position to get  the most distance from your golf swing. Since your center of gravity is not over your feet your athletic ability is restricted because you are using some of the strength that could be put into swinging your golf club faster and getting more distance into just holding yourself upright.

This swing stance is easy to spot and correct. When you are ready to address the ball, check and see if you can lift your toes off the ground one at time. If you can not then you are leaning too far forward and your center of gravity is not where it needs to be. Straighten up your posture until you can do the toe lifts one at a time before you swing. If you can lift both feet at once, your weight is too far back.

The reason this imbalance shortens the distance from your swing is that when your weight is off center you end up moving your hips in the middle of the swing thus not getting the longest swing possible and not the fastest club head speed when you contact the ball. Remember that club speed equals golf club distance.

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