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So far on this site we’ve established average golf club distances; I’ve shown you a golf club distance chart; and we’ve looked at hybrid golf club distance and whether or not they leave you with a distance gap on the greens.

So how do you get the best golf club distance from what’s in your bag already? Some people will tell you that to play the best round on the course you need to accept your limitations and play the game accordingly. I think that’s a bunch of crap. Anyone can get more distance from their golf clubs just by fixing their swings. The unfortunate thing is that most of the people trying to help you with your swing have no real insight into what the best swing is.

Golf club distance is determined by how fast you hit the ball, nothing else. And how fast you hit the ball is determined by how fast you swing the club, nothing else. Not how hard you hit it or even by how much contact you make, even though that is a contributing factor, you still have to make good contact; but increasing your contact will not hit the ball any faster. It’s all in how fast you swing the club. Golf club speed = distance.

So if we want to improve our golf club distance we need to find a way to swing the club faster, and that is where we go back to technique and proper swing position, balance, leverage and hip action. Discovering that I could swing the club faster just by changing my physical position when I approached the ball was a major breakthrough in gaining more yardage.

Once I discovered the golf club distance guide that would change my game forever I started charting my progress. Doing a golf club distance comparison before and after the changes I made to my swing I found out that I was getting 20, sometimes 30 more yards on every swing, and best of all, the distance I got with each club became very consistent. The average golf club distance for each club selection became so constant that on low wind days I could almost guarantee within a few yards where I was going to land the ball.

I’d like to share this golf club distance guide with you, the one that improved my swing speed and my distance by golf club by 20 or 30 yards. This is especially helpful for those of you who might be thinking about using hybrid clubs for more distance. Before you look at hybrid golf club distance as the answer to your problems of being a short hitter, you may want to invest a lot less money on a system that will improve your club head speed and give you more distance without the expense of the Hybrid club.

The system I used to boost my golf club hitting distance was the How To Break 80 program . Click here to add 20 to 20 yards on every swing you take.

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