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Most athletes are obsessed with our performance and golfers are no different. When it comes to golf club distances everyone wants to know how well they do against the average golfer. When I began golfing I was online right away looking for some type of golf club distance comparison chart so I could see how I stacked up with my clubs against the average golfers.

Depending where you get this information the average distances seem to vary quite a bit so I’m not even sure how scientific any of this information even is but here goes:

Here is the Average Golf Club Distances as I have found them:

Club Used Yards -Men Yards -Women
Driver 240 and up 180 and up
3-wood 220 165
4-wood 210 155
5-wood 200 150
7-wood 180 130
2-iron 195 170
3-iron 185 165
4-iron 180 155
5-iron 165 130
6-iron 155 120
7-iron 145 105
8-iron 135 95
9-iron 120 85
pitching wedge 95 70
sand wedge 85 60


This club distance comparison chart was created by combining all the charts I found online and then average out the yardages as given. This does not take into account hybrid golf club distances. Don’t fret if you’re currently below average, as you can learn to hit your balls further with very little effort. You just need to fix your swing so your club travels faster. The key to golf club distance is in the speed of your swing, not how hard you hit the ball, so strength has very little to do with your potential yards.

Many golfers peg themselves as being either a “long hitter” or a “short hitter” and believe that if they fall into the latter category they must spend the rest of their golfing career there. Not true. Even though physical stature has some bearing on how far you can hit the ball due the shorter swing travel, almost anyone can learn to be a long hitter and anyone who has yet to be properly trained can add 20 or 30 yards to every drive they make.

I was fortunate enough to find a good training course online called How To Break 80 that improved my distances early on, but I can see how a beginning golfer could struggle with this for years if not properly trained to get the most distance from their golf clubs.  Click here to add 20-30 yards to your drives almost overnight

Reader Comments

I have to agree with the follow up. I took lessons from a non pga certified guy, and he was a good teacher but a bit young. My golf swing was great, and consistent, however I lacked the distances to be a legitamite long hitter. I went to a pga professional at golf galaxy after about 8 months of practice and he introduced a couple minor adjustments to my swing, and after a couple weeks of implementing these new practices, my distances literally increased by 35%. And with greater consistency. Both instructors were good, but the pga professional guy was able to fine tune my swing and get it tweaked to add some yardages. Sometimes that’s all you need.

Written By chris on July 7th, 2010 @ 9:26 am