Drive For Show Review

I recently downloaded a copy of a golf improvement course that has me quite excited. It’s call “Drive For Show” from Weekend Golfers. I will giving my Drive For Show Review below.

Right now let me give you a free piece of the course simply by right clicking and saving this link:

This will give you a very small taste of the kind of information you’re going to get in the course, but believe me this only scratches the surface. The Drive for Show course is huge. For example there are five, yes five, videos just on your grip. Most golf swing courses will have about two paragraphs on your grip.

As I said, below you will find my review.

If you’d rather not read it, you can check out the course here:

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Drive For Show Review

If you really want to get more golf club distance, this course is for you. If you want to improve your golf swing, this course is for you. If you do not want to spend time analyzing and improving every aspect of your drive, this course is not for you.

When I first read the sales page for this course I was not that impressed. It tells you what’s in the course but really not what it will do for you. I couldn’t see the sale page making a lot of sales.

(In case you didn’t realize, if you buy this course through my link, I do receive a commission.)

Fortunately for the creators of this course, and for you; they sent me a free copy so I could really review it.

Totally changed my tune.

I love this course.

Real quick, the course is 35 videos and a very large manual. It also includes some material to enable you to accurately track your progress.

How will this improve your game?

By my calculations this course breaks down your drive into 26 separate components, any one of which could be keeping you from getting the golf club distance you desire, consistency in your swing or accuracy.

Most courses I’ve seen before only break it down into about 5 components.

Some of What You’ll learn

  • Learn how to know if your grip is correct just by looking at a pair of your gloves
  • Position your body for the most power in your drive
  • Learn a simple trick to aim correctly
  • How you can use the ground to get more power
  • Finally figure out where your swing is going wrong
  • Develop confidence and consistency in your drives
  • Get more golf club distance

I really like the content of this course. It’s extremely detailed, and a lot of time is spent on the smallest portions of your golf club swing. If you can’t fix your swing with this course, you might be hopeless.

What didn’t I like.

Honestly, I’ve got no issues. The materials are very easy to access: HINT: read the download page completely! And save the link to that page!

You actually can just download the pdf and have access to everything, or you can also download each video directly to your computer.

I’ve really tried hard to come up with something I don’t like about this course. Can’t think of anything. Sorry.

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