How I Added Golf Club Distance To Each Golf Club

Let’s cut to the chase: You came here to find out how to add more distance to your golf clubs so here it is: The #1 secret to more golf club distance is to swing faster, not harder. Club head speed is way more important than the force behind the club. The easiest way to […]

Golf Club Distance Tip

This free tip from Eric Jones, author of the Five Keys To Distance, will change your average golf club distance overnight. It worked for me. My golf club distance improve immediately since implementing this strategy.  If you like this video, click here to get the rest of the Eric’s Course.

Golf Club Distance

So far on this site we’ve established average golf club distances; I’ve shown you a golf club distance chart; and we’ve looked at hybrid golf club distance and whether or not they leave you with a distance gap on the greens. So how do you get the best golf club distance from what’s in your bag […]