How I Added Golf Club Distance To Each Golf Club

Let’s cut to the chase: You came here to find out how to add more distance to your golf clubs so here it is:

The #1 secret to more golf club distance is to swing faster, not harder. Club head speed is way more important than the force behind the club.

The easiest way to swing faster is to loosen up and stop trying to muscle the club. The more you try and use your strength to move the club the slower it will be traveling when it impacts the ball.

The speed of the club at impact determines how far the ball goes. Club Head Speed = Golf Club Distance

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When I first started golfing I wasn’t the least bit concerned about distance. My only concern was being the guy who everyone was waiting on to finish the hole. In fact, fear of embarrassment kept me off the greens until I was forty(I’m forty five now).

Having never been any good at any sports that required any sort of eye hand coordination like baseball, football, basketball etc, I thought golf might be a good fit for me. It seemed to be the sport for “non athletes” and I was rather good at sports that require throwing something at a target like horseshoes,  bowling, darts, archery, etc. Golf seemed to be along those same lines.

My First Golfing Experience

Once my buddies talked me over my initial fear I finally gave it try and discovered that I wasn’t that bad. The ball tended to go where I wanted it to, and I actually didn’t do bad with my putts. Hey, this was fun. I borrowed my brother’s clubs that he had sitting in the closet for ten years and started to make it a regular thing.

After a few years of playing with my friends, I felt I was closing in on their skill level as far as accuracy, but I was still taking a stroke more than any of them to reach a decent putting position on most holes. I tried hitting the ball harder, but that only made it worse as I  would slice every time I tried to power through my swing. I just couldn’t get any  distance.

Swinging For More  Distance -Fixing My Technique

I knew from my experience with other target oriented sports that this had to be a technique issue. So I scoured the net looking for free tips on how to get more distance from my clubs. I found a lot of what looked like good stuff on YouTube but when I tried to apply it nothing worked right. Then I came across this video by Eric Jones. Not being a golf fan, I had never heard of the guy. And the video, his famous “happy toes” one, was an obvious sale pitch for his golfing course. As it later turned out I never did buy his course. Click here to check it out if you’d like.

Next time I hit the course I tried his “happy toes” technique and by the third hole I was noticing that my balls were actually going further. OK great, I found a free golf club distance tip that worked. I spent almost the rest of the season trying other free tips I found, some that seemed silly, some that made sense but none of them really helped me that much.

Then I did something I never do: pay for information. (You’re talking about a guy who’s still playing with borrowed clubs). I’m one of these people that believe everything you need to know can be found somewhere for free. But I wasn’t finding it.

Finding The Answer To Club Distance

When I went back to find this Eric Jones guy and his course and I ended up forking out the money on a completely different program, and boy am I glad I did. The results on the course were nothing less than spectacular. Not only did I started driving balls as far as my golfing buddies, but eventually I was driving them 20 yards farther than any of them, and taking up to 10 strokes off every round.

So now I’m trying to teach these guys what I learned from the course and they’re all just blowing me off because I’m still a rookie to them.  I’m now swinging less harder than I ever have and still getting more  club distance.

Even though the Eric Jones video got me started, It was different course that actually got me where I am today.

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Golf Club Distance Tip

This free tip from Eric Jones, author of the Five Keys To Distance, will change your average golf club distance overnight. It worked for me. My golf club distance improve immediately since implementing this strategy.  If you like this video, click here to get the rest of the Eric’s Course.

Golf Club Distance

So far on this site we’ve established average golf club distances; I’ve shown you a golf club distance chart; and we’ve looked at hybrid golf club distance and whether or not they leave you with a distance gap on the greens.

So how do you get the best golf club distance from what’s in your bag already? Some people will tell you that to play the best round on the course you need to accept your limitations and play the game accordingly. I think that’s a bunch of crap. Anyone can get more distance from their golf clubs just by fixing their swings. The unfortunate thing is that most of the people trying to help you with your swing have no real insight into what the best swing is.

Golf club distance is determined by how fast you hit the ball, nothing else. And how fast you hit the ball is determined by how fast you swing the club, nothing else. Not how hard you hit it or even by how much contact you make, even though that is a contributing factor, you still have to make good contact; but increasing your contact will not hit the ball any faster. It’s all in how fast you swing the club. Golf club speed = distance.

So if we want to improve our golf club distance we need to find a way to swing the club faster, and that is where we go back to technique and proper swing position, balance, leverage and hip action. Discovering that I could swing the club faster just by changing my physical position when I approached the ball was a major breakthrough in gaining more yardage.

Once I discovered the golf club distance guide that would change my game forever I started charting my progress. Doing a golf club distance comparison before and after the changes I made to my swing I found out that I was getting 20, sometimes 30 more yards on every swing, and best of all, the distance I got with each club became very consistent. The average golf club distance for each club selection became so constant that on low wind days I could almost guarantee within a few yards where I was going to land the ball.

I’d like to share this golf club distance guide with you, the one that improved my swing speed and my distance by golf club by 20 or 30 yards. This is especially helpful for those of you who might be thinking about using hybrid clubs for more distance. Before you look at hybrid golf club distance as the answer to your problems of being a short hitter, you may want to invest a lot less money on a system that will improve your club head speed and give you more distance without the expense of the Hybrid club.

The system I used to boost my golf club hitting distance was the How To Break 80 program . Click here to add 20 to 20 yards on every swing you take.